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3D-Printing Service

Example Prices

  1. Colossal model: 100-170 €
  2. Massive sized miniature / multiple full plates: 60 - 100 €
  3. Large miniature / two full plates: 40-60 €
  4. Base price, full print plate*: 25 €  
  5. Or whole freakin' army: 250 -300 €

* 50-60 heads, 6-10 25-32 mm base infantry models etc…

The final price is always determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the amount of work required for the print and the resin consumption. Prices include VAT.

Shipping Costs


Padded envelope 5,50 €

S-package 7,50 €

M-package 10,50 €

L-package 14,50 €

XL-package 20,00 €

Pick up in Joensuu 0 €

EU and Europe:

According to Finnish Posti's pricing

All prints are printed from UV-resin with an SLA-printer and processed to be ready for painting. Its recommended to keep the models away from sunlight until the paint is on.

UV resin models do not need to be washed!

We can refuse a print project if the piece/model you want is impossible, such as food-safe, sterile, or objects that require high wear resistance. The resin we use for printing is not of aforementioned quality.

The customer is responsible for the origin and rights of the stl/obj file. Pikkujuttuja3D does not buy files for the customer or save stl/obj files provided by the customer for later use. 

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